Ticket prices and hours

So after our first HUGE JazzFest committee meeting, we have agreed on ticket prices and hours for the festival.

Tickets: $15 before, $20 at the door

Times: 2 PM – 7 PM

And we must stress the difference between this year and last year: we are truly focusing on the ‘festival’ vibe this year.  We are working on having 2 stages for bands (1 main and 1 side) so that once one band finishes, we can have another band, or comedian or performer keep the momentum going on the second stage.

Plus we are working with local, New Bedford vendors to have booths at the ‘fest.  Seating will be limited this year, but our goal is to have everyone moving around, dancing and having a great time in a family-friendly atmosphere!

More updates coming.  Stay ‘tuned’…


2 thoughts on “Ticket prices and hours

  1. Is the event handicap friendly for those who can not walk far or stand any length of time? Where is the closest parking etc…..thank you

    1. JazzFest is a handicap friendly event with seating areas for those in wheelchairs. The nearest parking is on 49 State Pier, where the ferry parking is. It is right next to the JazzFest tent on Pier 3, and is free.

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