Official New Bedford Jazzfest 2013 Line-up

1) Dino Govoni and the Horseneck Trio

Dino Govoni – Sax
Paul Nagel – Piano
Dave Zinno – Bass
Vinny Pagano – Drums

2) Dino Govoni and the UMD Faculty All-Stars

Dino Govoni – Sax
John Harrison III – Piano
Jim Robitaille – Guitar
Chris Poudrier – Drums
Wes Brown – Bass

3) Southcoast Jazz Orchestra

Diane Carey – Vocals
Ken Reid – Alto Sax
Neil Sylvia – Drums
Phil Sanborn  – Trombone
Bobby Gallegos – Trumpet

4) Dori Legge with The John Harrison Quartet

john dori
Dori Legge – Vocals
John Harrison III – Piano
Dan Schwartz – percussion
Dave Zinno – Bass
Chris Poudrier – Drums

5) Marcus Monteiro Quartet

Marcus Monteiro – Sax
Matt Antunes – Drums
Jon Morency – Bass
Rob Massoud – Keys

6) The UMD Latin Jazz Vision Ensemble

Riley Stockwell  – Guitar
Noah Lapierre – Vibes and Drum Set
Van Riley – Saxophone
Miles Flisher – Piano
Gordon Walters – Bass
Tim Lee – Drums and Percussion
Chris Poudrier – Director

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